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Gold Files Free 3D Screensavers - Great page listing some of the best Free 3d screensavers available. Direct download links from the page and good quality screenshots for each 3d screensaver so you can decide before you download. Has quite a few free 3d screensavers including horror (Halloween) and Gamer.
The Lord of the Rings - The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers 3D free Screensaver.
XaraCube freeware 3D screensaver - THE XaraCube screensaver is a freeware program which allows you to put your own images on 3D spinning cubes. Select the number of spinning boxes you want, what size they are and how quickly they move, then add your images. You can choose any bitmap (.bmp) images, including graphics you have made in packages like Xara3D and Xara X, or photographs you have downloaded to your PC..
Kenja's Creations Free Screensavers - Free screensavers and free desktop themes from this site. Screenshots so you can decide before you download. Free Screensavers include Wolves of the Wild, Winter Scene, Spooky, Horse Art, Native American Art, Christmas Market, Beauty of Space and 3-D Kaleidoscope free screensavers.
Free Bubbloids 3D Screensaver - The Bubbloid screensaver features a collection of 3D rendered images with bubbles floating gently over them. Also has password protection. Free Download.
Lilli's Free Screensavers - Lilli's Free Screensavers has hundreds of the best free screensavrs for immediate download. The free screensavers on this site have no conditions, no expiry date, and no nag messages. Free screensaver categories include: Animal Screensavers, Animated Screensavers, Art & 3D Screensavers, Cars & Bikes Screensavers, Celebrity Screensavers, Holiday Screensavers, Movie/TV Screensavers, Music Screensavers, Nature Screensavers, Space Screensavers, Special FX Screensavers, Sport Screensavers and Macintosh Screensavers.
Free 3D effect Screensaver - Free 3D effect screensaver. This free 3d screensaver software from Neon Jax also allows you to make your own demo screensavers. Free download.
Free Organic Art Screensaver - Gorgeous 3d effect art screensaver, very popular.
Free Colourcube Screensaver Collection - ColourCube 3D effect rotating screensavers all free to download.
Free 3d Screensavers from Gelios Software - Free 3D effect screensavers for download. 3d screensavers include: 3D Fish School Screensaver, 100 Happy Money 3d screensaver, 3d Realistic Fireplace Screensaver, Age of Dinosaurs 3D screensaver. All screensavers are available as lite versions with the full version requiring registration.
Free 3d Screensavers from 3d Cursors - Lots of free 3D effect screensavers for download from this site. Free 3d screensavers change regularly but all are listed on this download page.
Really Slick Screen Savers - Really Slick Screen Savers has amazing 3D, Artistic and Psychedelic Free Screen Savers for immediate download. Free Screensavers include: Helios, Euphoria, SkyRocket, Solar Winds, Lattice, Flux, Plasma, Field Lines, Flocks, Cyclone. These free screen savers are written for Windows. They are all freeware and can be freely distibuted.
Free Byte's Gude to Free Screen Savers - Free Byte's Gude to Free Screen Savers. Has Screensavers and Free Screensaver Software. Slideshow 2.3 for Win 95 Win 98 Win NT/2000 and Windows XP. Allows you to create your own slideshow screen saver. Create and distribute your own slideshow. Supports JPEG (compressed), BMP (Bitmap) and WMF (Windows Meta File) images. A small sample JPEG slideshow is included. Features include: animation, random slideshow, stretch to fill screen, display at maximum size, image stretch, loop animation, speed adjustment, preview without install, create slideshow distribution packages, and more. This free program is both a screen saver and a screen saver construction package. Photosaver for Windows. Photo Saver 1.3 for Win 95 Win 98 Win NT/2000 and Windows XP. Use your our own portrait as a screensaver. This screensaver displays a bouncing image or photograph of your choosing. It can display JPEG files, BMP (Bitmap) files and WMF files (Windows Meta Files). Three image sample files - one of each type - are included.

This free screensaver resources and software page at FreeByte also has Free 3D Screensavers, Free Cartoons Screensavers, Free Nature Screensavers, Free Science Fiction Screensavers and Free Wallpapers and Desktop Themes and Cursors. A great free screen savers resource.

Screensavers that no longer exist?

Free 3d Screensavers from the ClockDomain - An interesting site with lots of free 3D effect Clock screensavers for free download. The free screen savers are available in a wide-range of categories, including: Sports, Weather, Cars, Music, Holidays, Computers, Horoscope, Romance, Finance, Kids, Time Zone Clocks, and more. These free desktop screensavers are actually useful as they will tell you the time once the screen saver kicks in.
Flash ScreenSaver v1.0 (Freeware) - Flash ScreenSaver v1.0 (Freeware). Play Macromedia Flash files as your screensaver. This screen saver is Macromedia Flash Enabled so it works without installing the Macromedia Flash Player or Flash Plugin. Customization of the screensaver allows you to scale the movie to full screen or set it to a fixed size. Also the alignment of the movie on screen can be set.
La Fonta v.1.1 free 3D screensaver - La Fonta v.1.1 is a free screensaver for Windows95/98. It shows user-defined text messages on the screen. Text is composed from 3D true type characters. La Fonta has the ability to communicate with painting programs via Clipboard. It can be used as a logo creation add-on to any painting software. Free 3D Screensaver.
Free Distant Planets 3D Screensaver - Distant Planets screensaver generates random sceneries of imaginary planets. Free Download.
Free 3D effect Screensaver - Free 3d effect screensaver from the Gizmo Zone feauturing IXS CD quality music.
Free 3D Space Screensaver - A message to outer space: Heineken Screensaver. A unique, next generation, Ixalance technology Screensaver. A desktop commercial visualised in a way you have never seen before. EYE POPPING video effects, STUNNING & EXTREME real-time 3D animation and a CD quality audio track which lasts over 2.5 minutes. Free Download.
Free 3D effect Screensaver - Free 3d effect screensaver. Magic ScreenSaver was one of the world's first Windows screensavers and the precursor to After Dark for Windows, the world's most popular screensaver.
Free 3D effect Screensaver - Another free 3D effect screensaver from the Gizmo Zone. This free 3d screensaver has real-time 3D graphics and a software synthesis audio track. Free Download.
Free Electric 3D effect Screensaver - 3D effect electric swirling pattern screensaver. Note: this download page is in French. Free download.
Free Blazing Clock 3D Screensaver - Blazing clock is a screen saver program which shows the local time with fire effect. It is freeware and has a simple installation.

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