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World Wildlife Fund WWF free screensaver - Download a WWF Screensaver and show your support for the protection of endangered species by displaying a free animal screensaver. Full instructions supplied on this page to download and install this free screensaver on PC or Macintosh.
The Nature Conservancy free screensaver - Free screensavers, free nature slideshows and free nature and animal conservancy wallpapers from this great nature site.
Free Marine Life Screen Saver - Free underwater Screensaver. This beautiful screensaver features tropical marine life. See a smiling eel, colorful angelfish and stunning corals. Transition times between slides is configurable, and the images can be viewed at normal resolution, or stretched to fill you desktop. And best of all, it's free!
Free Fish Screensavers - Free Fish Screensavers - The Pet Professor has several free screensavers such as cat , nature, cow, frog, and flower screensavers to spruce up your computer. Free Download. All the free screenavers run on windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT and XP. The Fish Screenaver has 10 colorful images of popular fish species in a slide show format.
Free Horse Screen Savers - Free Horse Screen Savers from the World Equestrian Site. Look for the Mr. Horse download on this page.
ChazHound Free Animal and Cartoon Screensavers - ChazHound Free Animal and Cartoon Screensavers has Free Dogs Screensavers, Free Animals Screensavers, FreeCats Screensavers, Free Horses Screensavers and Free Cartoons Screensavers.
Free Cats Play Screen Saver - Free Screensaver featuring Cats. Animated cats play with a red ball, with music and cat sounds. This screensaver is optimized for 800 x 600 screens.
Aquatica Free Screen Saver - Free Screensaver featuring realistic 3D Tropical Fish that randomly animate in true color. This site also features another well reviewed free screensaver - Zalien.
Free Animal Screensavers - Literally hundreds of FREE animal photo-quality screensavers for Windows. Categories include Tiger Screensavers, Elephant Screensavers, Wolf Screensavers, Polar Bear Screensavers and many more free screensavers.
Free Screensavers by Annie Reb - Genuinely FREE Screensavers with no nag screens. Full versions not demos. Free screensaver categories include Animals, Scenery, Nature, Waterfalls, Rivers, Ocean and Surf, Fantasy, Trains, Holidays - includes Valentines, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day and many more. A comprehensive FREE Screensavers site.
Free Animorphs Screen Saver - Free Screensaver featuring Human Beings who gradually morph into animals on your screen. Watch Jake, Rachel and Tobias "morph" before your eyes in real time.
Free Ladybird Screen Saver - Free Supersonic Ladybird Screensaver from UKSafari.
Free Under Water Aquarium Screen Saver - Colorful high quality images in this Free Underwater Screensaver.
BJ's ScreenSavers - Featuring original nature and wildlife photography by BJ. A good resource for free nature and wildlife screensavers. Free screensaver categories include: The Animal Kingdom and Nature and Scenic Places.
Free Lite Version Screensavers from Awesome-Screens - All Awesome-Screens free screen savers use high-quality images (1024x768 with low compression). They will fill your screen and look great at any screen resolution (they will work fine for smaller screens too, you won't miss anything). Categories include Antique Autos, Experimental Aircraft, China Landscapes, Cities from Space, Deep Space, Tropical Reefs, Awesome Seasons, Awesome Cloudscapes. Visit the free downloads page.
Free Ocean Animal Screensavers - Literally hundreds of FREE animal photo-quality screensavers for Windows. Categories include Sharks, Dolphins, Killer-Whales, Whales, Sea-Lions, Killer Whales and many more free screensavers.

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