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Free Watercolour Art Screen Saver - Free Watercolour Art Screen Saver - Beautiful watercolour art screen savers at this site. There are a free flower screen saver and a free favourite cats screen saver. There are instructions for installing the free screen savers on Windows 95 and later.
The Drawing Hand Screen Saver - The Drawing Hand Screen Saver replays drawings created by a number of artists. You watch as each drawing is created from start to finish. Stunning effect. Over 150 drawings can be downloaded from the site's picture gallery.
La Fonta v.1.1 free 3D screensaver - La Fonta v.1.1 is a free screensaver for Windows95/98. It shows user-defined text messages on the screen. Text is composed from 3D true type characters. La Fonta has the ability to communicate with painting programs via Clipboard. It can be used as a logo creation add-on to any painting software. Free 3D Screensaver.
Free Mandala Screensaver for Windows - Mandala 3.3 is a nice screen saver for Windows NT or Windows 95/98. It draws colored Mandalas in thousands of variations.
Free Organic Art Screensaver - Gorgeous 3d effect art screensaver, very popular.
The Art of Stained Glass free screensaver - The Art of Stained Glass free screensaver is available for free download from this site. Click on the free stuff link on the main page for this free art screensaver and other free screensavers.
Kenja's Creations Free Screensavers - Free screensavers and free desktop themes from this site. Screenshots so you can decide before you download. Free Screensavers include Wolves of the Wild, Winter Scene, Spooky, Horse Art, Native American Art, Christmas Market, Beauty of Space and 3-D Kaleidoscope free screensavers.
Really Slick Screen Savers - Really Slick Screen Savers has amazing 3D, Artistic and Psychedelic Free Screen Savers for immediate download. Free Screensavers include: Helios, Euphoria, SkyRocket, Solar Winds, Lattice, Flux, Plasma, Field Lines, Flocks, Cyclone. These free screen savers are written for Windows. They are all freeware and can be freely distibuted.
Moulin Rouge Free ScreenSavers - Free Moulin Rouge Screensavers for PC and Mac. Also free desktop themes and wallpapers.
Glowing World Geometry Art Screensaver - GlowingWorld is a screensaver application that offers an amazing trip beyond the borders of your imagination. Utilizing classical geometrical laws and modern art concepts this screensaver introduces a whole new dimension to abstract graphics.
XaraCube freeware 3D screensaver - THE XaraCube screensaver is a freeware program which allows you to put your own images on 3D spinning cubes. Select the number of spinning boxes you want, what size they are and how quickly they move, then add your images. You can choose any bitmap (.bmp) images, including graphics you have made in packages like Xara3D and Xara X, or photographs you have downloaded to your PC..
Free Screensavers from Backgrounds by Marie - Free Animated Screen Savers With Music. Free art Angels Screensaver. Also free Christmas Screensavers and other lovely FREE art Screensavers.

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