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Free Britney Spears ScreenSaver - Free screensaver - 800 x 600 wallpaper compositions of Britney Spears in a slideshow with special effects. Background music is midi file 'Baby One More Time'.
Free Jenny McCarthy ScreenSaver - Free Scrensaver of the star of the The Jenny McCarthy Show.
Free Pamela Lee Anderson Screen Saver - Free Pamela Lee Anderson Screen Saver from T & P SC Screensavers.
Russell Crowe Free Screen Saver - Free Movie Screen Saver featuring Russell Crowe, star of Gladiator and L.A. Confidential.
Free Brad Pitt Screen Saver - 15 images of the actor Brad Pitt in a slide show FREEWARE FOR WIN 95/98/NT/XP.
Fabulous Savers - Fabulous Savers has lots of free screensavers for immediate download. I found a free Britney Spears screen saver, free waterfalls screen saver, free fireworks screen saver, free 3d screen savers and more on this great site.
Free Princess Diana Screen Saver - Free Princess Diana Screen Saver from RI Soft Systems. This Princess Diana Tribute Screensaver recalls the life of one of the world's most beloved woman.
Free Cindy Crawford Screen Saver - Free Celebrity Screensaver available for free download of the actress and supermodel Cindy Crawford. For Win 95/98 ME 2000 NT XP and Macintosh.
Free Cindy Margolis Screen Saver - Free Celebrity Screensaver Cindy Margolis. 20 images in a slide show FREEWARE FOR WIN 95/98.
Free Claudia Schiffer Screen Saver - Free Celebrity Screensaver Claudia Schiffer. The world famous celebrity Claudia Shiffer.
Free Celebrity Demi Moore Screen Saver - Free Celebrity Screensaver of the famous and controvercial actress Demi Moore.
Free Beatles Screen Saver -Free Beatles screensaver. Beatles images and Eleanor Rigsby music. Free screensaver of this world famous band.
Free Celebrity Jenifer Lopez Screen Saver - Free Jennifer Lopez Screen Saver. 20 images in a slide show FREEWARE FOR WIN 95/98/NT/XP.
Free Ewan McGregor Celebrity screensaver - Twenty one slides with numerous images of actor Ewan McGregor of "Black Hawk Down","Moulin Rouge", "Eye of the Beholder", Velvet Goldmine", "Nora", and many more.
Free Celebrity David Duchovny Screen Saver - Free Celebrity Screensaver. The David Duchovny Screen Saver. 20 images in a slide show FREEWARE FOR WIN 95/98.
Free Beanies Online ScreenSavers - Free Beanies Online ScreenSavers has lots of free celebrity screensavers for immediate download. Free Celebrity scrreensavers include: Baywatch, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson Lee, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Spice Girls. There are also some nature, cartoon and animal free screen savers here.
Free Elvis ScreenSaver - Free Elvis Presley Screen Saver. The Ultimate King of Rock and Roll with more than 20 images and several songs included in this special effect multi-transitional screen saver.
Free Mohammad Ali Screen Saver - Free Sport Screensaver featuring the boxing legend Mohammad Ali - The Greatest.
Jo Blo's Movie ScreenSavers - Huge Movie Screensaver site. Has free savers for Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Shrek, Spider Man, The Matrix, The Grinch, Planet of the Apes and more. Well worth a visit.
The Matrix Free Screen Saver - Free Screensaver based on the movie, with images, music, sound effects and dialogs from the movie.
Free Simpson's cartoon screensavers - Free Cartoon and Movie screensavers from T and PSC. Titles include The Simpsons, Loonet Twunes, and Tee Cee the Gorilla free screensavers.
The Planet of the Apes Movie Screen Saver - Free Screen Saver that features images from the 20th Century Fox film - Planet of the Apes.
Free Celebrity Screensaver Page - This page is a huge listing of free Celebrity Screen Savers.

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