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Totally Catholic Free Catholic Screensavers - Totally Catholic Free Catholic Screensavers - Four free religious screensavers here. Free screen savers include: Jesus Images, Mary Images, Angel Images, Mixed Images of Jesus, Mary and Angels. All free to download plus installation instructions on the page.
Free Screensavers from Jesus Army - Free Screensavers from Jesus Army. Rotating cubes free screen saver with images of Jesus Christ. Also, free solar images screensaver. Live from the Sun to your computer. Every time your screen saver kicks in it will look, via the Internet, for the most recent images from the European Space Agency's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Free Religion Screen Savers for immediate download.
Free Bible Art Screen Saver - Bible Art slide show screen saver with Bible images that fade in and out on your desktop.
Original Images Free Screen Savers - Original Images Free Screen Savers has free christian screensavers for immediate download. Other categories of free scree savers include: Native Americans, Christmas, People, Places, Nature, Relaxation and Solid Rock.
Three Angels Freeware - Freeware Screensavers and freeware screensaver resources and tools for download. Christian and religious themes.
Free Screensavers from Backgrounds by Marie - Free Animated Screen Savers With Music. Free art Angels Screensaver. Also free Christmas Screensavers and other lovely FREE art Screensavers.
Free Christian Screen Savers - Free Christian Screen Savers - Scroll down the page at this site for the free Christian Screen Savers. Free Screen Savers available include: Motivational Thoughts, O Holy Night 2002 (with MP3 Music), Divine Inspiration, A Little Bit of Heaven, Postcards From Heaven, Signed By God, 3D Messages From God 2001 - 12 Themes, Raindrops From Heaven, Nuggets of Wisdom, Fingerprints of God, Jesus The Artist, Now is The Time, Cross of Gold and Complete in Christ.

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