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Free Asteroids DeLuxe ScreenSaver - A tribute screen saver to this arcade classic, by a talented graphic artist. Small file size, great graphics.
Free Pokemon Screensavers from Lycos - Pokemon The Wastelands. This screen saver displays various Pokemon characters that move all around the screen over a wasteland background image.
Free Pokemon the Wastelands Screen Saver - Free Pokemon the Wastelands Animated Screen Saver from T & P SC Screensavers.
Free Anime Screensaver - Free screensaver of Misato from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion accompanied by theme tune.
Mega Games Free Gaming Screensavers - Free Gaming screensavers for download here including The Matrix.
Free Gaming Screensavers from 3D Gaming World - Free Gaming Screensavers from 3D Gaming World.
Gold Files Free 3D Screensavers - Great page listing some of the best Free 3d screensavers available. Direct download links from the page and good quality screenshots for each screensaver so you can decide before you download. Has quite a few free screensavers including horror (Halloween) and Gamer.

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