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Free Car Race Sport Screen Saver -Free Off to the Races car screensaver. Watch the cars race across your screen.
Free Football Sports Manchester United Screen Saver - Free football Screensaver celebrating Man U's Historic Treble. Over 50 High Quality Photos of Manchester United winning and celebrating the F.A. Cup, the Premier League, and the European Cup.
Free Mohammad Ali Screen Saver - Free Sport Screensaver featuring the boxing legend Mohammad Ali - The Greatest.
Free Golf Screen Saver - Free Golf Scenes screensaver features photos of popular golf holes from around the country. It is possible to create your own modules using your own pictures and sound effects and music.
Free Wrestling and Music Screen Saver - Free Sports Wrestling Screensaver from Grey Olttwit's freeware. A free saver featuring many of your favourite wrestling stars. Includes several midi backing tracks such as "Eye of the Tiger", "We are the Champions", "We will Rock You", "Another one Bites the Dust".
Free Sports Screen Savers - T and P SC Screensavers have several sport related free screensavers for download. Free screensavers include In Memory of Dale Earnhardt (1951-2001), Champion Chicago Bulls Screen Saver free screensavers.
Free Football Sports Screen Savers - Fifa World Cup screensaver for free download. If you like soccer you'll love this free screensaver.
Free Golf Screensaver - Free Fairway Dreams Golf Screensaver from BJ Free screensavers. From Augusta to Pebble Beach, the world's finest golf holes, with music - (1.4mb). Works with W95/98/NT, and best viewed with 800 x 600 screen resolution and high color. This screensaver floats a collage of overlapping images across your screen, over a beautiful background in different directions at varying rates, so your view of the graphics is constantly changing.

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